This Is The Moment When Reality Finally Hit Kayleigh McEnany

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one definitely speaks for itself.

So much for that “landslide victory”, eh, Kayleigh?

Right now, you should be taking a long, hard look at yourself and ask how you could be an accessory to Trump’s megalomaniacal, fascist bullshittery for even a microsecond. How could anyone be so taken in by one of the country’s most notoriously racist and corrupt crime families ever to disgrace the Oval Office.

That goes for the other 70 million of you, particularly the white women. You’re in the same place, it’s you now. Do the work.

You voted for an impeached President. There are dozens of open investigations still waiting to be resolved, Mr. Trump. The only reason you weren’t indicted was because, according to Mueller, of the DOJ’s longstanding policy of not bringing charges against a sitting president. There were at least 10 indictable offenses found in the Mueller Report.

Again, I have zero sympathy for Trump and his entire administration.

Here it is one more time just to really contextualize it for ya, dears.



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